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We have come a long way from a small firm to one of the major audit and consulting companies of the Chuvash Republic. Since 2003 Expert RA Rating Agency has been annually including our company in the Top 100 list of the major audit and consulting companies of Russia. Among the clients of Etalon Audit and Consulting Group are enterprises of twenty branches of economy, including mechanical engineering, metallurgical, food, consumer goods, electrical energy industrial enterprises, construction engineering, transportation and trade companies, as well as investment establishments and fast growing small and medium business enterprises.

Taking interest in collaborations with major audit and consulting companies of Russia, the experts of Etalon Audit and Consulting Group have gained successful experience in executing projects of various complexities. Etalon Audit and Consulting Group performs its activities over the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

Etalon Audit and Consulting Group includes the following companies:

  • OOO «Etalon Audit Company»;
  • OOO «Etalon Consulting Company»;
  • OOO «Etalon Regional Valuation and Land Management Centre»;
  • OOO «Etalon Labour Safety Centre»;
  • OOO «Etalon Information and Recruitment Centre».

Nowadays over 100 employees are employed by Etalon Audit and Consulting Group. Most of our experts have the career history in taxation authorities, audit, consulting, appraisal and judiciary companies, the higher education with financial, economic or legal specialty and considerable work experience in our service industry.
The company pays much attention to the continual proficiency advance of every employee by implementing the corporate system of advanced training and by external specialization courses.

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